Dealing with low energy and fatigue

Last year I wrote a piece about dealing with low mood. Reason for that was my own struggle with emotional down-swings. This year I have discovered something very cool for myself and I wonder if it can help others. For a while I have been fighting with some sort of a fatigue. It may well be lack of motivation, however it was manifesting in a number of quite annoying behaviours. I had problems with waking up, every morning was a struggle. I stayed in bed up until the last moment, and didn’t have time to have a proper breakfast. Which then resulted in me starving and eating loads for lunch. Lack of energy also was obvious at work, I didn’t feel like doing much, and studying something new was a pain. Finally when back from work I felt exhausted and didn’t feel like doing anything else in the evening, my recreation was in watching YouTube all the evening and going to bed late just to start the vicious cycle again.

What I want to share is obviously not whining stuff but a solution that worked for me. And the solution is surprisingly something that I hated all my life, – to wake up early. My experiment was to wake up early enough to have at least 30min sport session. I am lucky to have a gym in my building, but it can easily be some morning exercises, yoga or chi-gong which doesn’t require a gym. Then take shower and have a proper breakfast before launching into an office rat-race. And it worked, I felt boost in energy almost from the very start.

The first thing I noticed was that I felt energised and not soggy like after bad night sleep. I think doing exercises properly wakes up my body and switches it into productive mode. Then, as a result of having a good breakfast I wasn’t craving at the lunch time and avoided over-eating. And finally because of an early start I went to bed earlier, so that the virtuous cycle starts again.

But don’t take me wrong, it is not easy. I started at the beginning of February and already broke this habit twice in 2 months. Both times it happened due to an exhausting weekend. I haven’t figured out how to deal with these instances yet. Once the habit is broken it may take me a couple of weeks to get back into it. My thinking is along the lines of finding an excuse that breaks the habit and work around it. For example if it is a physical tiredness, maybe I can substitute gym by a chi-gong session. So it is pretty much still an experiment that, so far inconsistently, yields with positive results.

It would be interesting to hear your stories about making your day-time more effective.


Human Alex


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