How I switched to Relish Internet – AirPlay doesn’t work!

Hey guys, I want to share my experience switching my internet provider. For about 3 years I was with BT fibre optic. The Internet was great but recently I decided to cut my bills and £50 for internet+phone is too much for me. So after some research I found these guys that provide 4g home internet for £20 and with no need for a landline telephone connection (which I never used anyway). Even more, it was possible to get a refurbished router and the bill would go down to £15. The downside is that 4g is affected by weather and by location of the router.

To make a switch:

  • Called BT (0800800030) to cancel my account, it was quite simple but it takes about a month to go through and there is a penalty that I have to pay of £31. Customer service was great, they offered several deals to keep me in, mostly bundles with TV/internet/phone/hotSpots. Since I live alone and a reason to leave was to cut expenses, I said no.
  • Then called Relish to arrange for a contract to start about 2 weeks before  my BT account is closed. Relish provides 2 weeks of cool down period when it is ok to return the router and cancel the contract without penalty. Customer service was extremely polite, maybe a bit over polite, but everything went through real fast and easy.
  • Once the parcel with the router arrived setting up was very quick, basically plug into a power socket and  it works. Speed in my area is 20-40Mbps for download and 3-7Mbps for upload, which is good for me.

The big problem for me is that after switching to Relish router my AirPlay music stopped working. I spent about 3hrs of shamanic dances and couldn’t make it work.

Calling customer support didn’t help neither. Firstly they didn’t want to help at all, saying that AirPlay is a third party product and I should call Apple. Then I persuaded that they sent me a router that does not do what BT router did, and customer service escalated it to a technical team. When they came back the response was the same, they can’t do anything.

I find it dissapointing that Relish uses equipment that they don’t understand and there is no technical support for to resolve issues.

So if you do decide to use Relish, mind that AirPlay doesn’t work out of the box.

I will be looking for a solution though and post an update here.

22/08/2016 UPDATE: Good news and good news.

First good news: after I wrote a complaint to Relish they did call me, a very helpful and knowledgeable guy from Indonesia called me and stayed with me on the phone for 2hrs trying literally everything, including chanting and PaloSanto wood smoke. NOTHING helped, it seems that it is just a limitation of Relish router, and AirPlay will not work.

Second good news: I fixed the issue by running two routers. It is not elegant, I kind of hate it, but it works. BT didn’t take their router, so I plugged it via cable to Relish router, made it static (DHCP off) and made sure that it has same IP configuration as Relish router. Then I connected my amplifier and phone to BT router, and all the rest directly to Relish. So now I have 2 wireless networks running, one for AirPlay and another for laptops and so forth. And it works perfectly well.

Finally, so far I am with Relish for 6 weeks, and I like it. Speed is good, it is twice cheaper than BT. Yes, sometimes at night signal disappears for no reason, but it is good indication to take a break or go to sleep.


Human Alex




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