Checklist to save you from low mood

Who would guess that the first real blog post will be about low mood and pooing? No-one! Joking aside it is a serious matter! I find myself once in a while in that down state which is hard to deal with and I am sure I am not alone.

I want to share a list of easy actionable things that anyone can do to get yourself out of the sticky place of sadness/loneliness/misery/anxiety etc. I am not a doctor (actually I am, but not medical) so my use of all those terms may be absolutely incorrect. The fact is that to get yourself from shitty mood there are several things you absolutely MUST check. First three are essential.

  • Sleep well.
    Not a surprise, is it? But, when under stress we tend to sleep less. Either it is job that keeps us occupied, or an anxiety or in my case self sabotage. It must stop and your own healthy amount of sleep should be maintained. I need about 8-9 hrs.
  • Have enough water and good food.
    I am genius am I? Check what and how much you eat. You need energy to live, good energy not ice-cream energy. So please make sure you have three meals a day and keep yourself hydrated. Dehydration affects you brain really bad. Try to avoid sugar and alcohol, these are great quick fixes but they will kick you out from shit but then you will fall in it deeper. Just be mindful how much of these two you consume and consciously accept the consequences.
  • Have a great poo.
    Seriously! When under stress our digestion system is under stress. You may feel inflammation or pain in your tommy and bowels do not work properly. All the stuff you ate will rot and toxins will pollute you. Just make sure you get shit out of you if you want to get out of shit yourself. Very important!

These three are the three pillars, once they are checked, the foundation is there. Then there are some ancillary steps:

  • Move your body
    When we freeze the energy inside us does not move. Regardless whether you believe in it or not, you have to move. Walk, gym, any kind of sport will do. I prefer rock climbing and yoga. If in doubt, just go for an hour walk! If going to gym, try not to exhaust yourself. Prolonged gym sessions actually affect badly your immune system.
  • Meditate
    Again, whether you believe in it or not, it is important to have a quiet moment of stillness to reflect on what is going on in your mind. There are 2 exercises that I do. One is a breathing meditation, when I am focussing on breathing and  try not to think about anything. The other is just stillness, it is more or less the same but I am allowed to let thoughts float through me and I am aware of them. Some old worries can pop out and may help to make sense why you are stressed. Don’t try to set records in terms of how long you meditate. Start with achievable 10 min and move towards longer sessions. I find anything longer than 30 min is challenging for me.
  • Meet friends
    We are social creatures and it is important to have another human nearby to chat and ideally to share your emotions. But even if your close friend is busy, some company will definitely help. Be mindful though not to use socialising as a way to escape.
  • Take care of yourself
    It may sound silly, but whenever you do something solely for yourself it helps to get out of shit. It can be a new toy, a massage, maybe a sauna session. Basically anything that nurtures your mind or body.

So what do we have here; 7 items on the check list. This is something that works for me. Sometimes it takes a couple of days, sometimes up to 10 days to get out of shit. But it works and knowing that it works makes it easier.


Human Alex


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