First blog post

Hi Everyone, I am the human No. 4,785,700,377, I was born in a loving family in Moscow at the exciting time of leftovers of Communism and lack of food in the stores. I was lucky to be surrounded by great people and now I am a grown up man in London.

I have tried to start writing bout many things which I though can be interesting to others and potentially can either make other people’s lives easier or open up some subjects for discussion. Each time I started writing on a specific subject I hit the point when I either was too busy or not so much interested in it any more. But the desire to share thoughts  and discuss interesting topics remained.

So I decided to blog on a random subjects in one place instead of having several blogs. It will be messy, chaotic, spontaneous but also fun. The name of the blog will be “A journey of the human No. 4,785,700,377” This is the corresponding number of me when I was born. Interestingly it isn’t a unique number, because if population will suddenly decrease, there will be another person with the same number.

So anyway, what you can learn from this blog? I am interested in a variety of stuff including #drones, #renewableenergy, #climatechage, #sustainability, #spirituality, #rockclimbing, #wilderness, #hikes and I hope to continue this list.

Welcome on board, lets do it!

Human Alex


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